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    I recall the old days when i used to get most of my design gossip and news and tips etc etc from Zeldman, K10k, surfstation, Australiainfront, a hand full of others .... I loved it, but when i looked at the postings, it always felt like I was standing on the outside of a great party I wasn't invited to...

    then along came Newstoday. it was like the wild wild west...people posted the most crazy stuff, their opinions collided and smashed into each other... Anyone here know who Transfatty is? my first interaction with him online was an argument...I won't go into what it was about, but, safe-to-say, it was somewhat along the lines of what's going on here now....or close enough for rocknroll... and a heated arguement it was...between many, MANY designers....but we got passed it, and I ended up liking the guy, although i still disagreed with him...i could and did respect his work.

    Newstoday allowed me the chance to chat with and get to know designers from all over the world...I really truly value that. Shellie in LA...Brooke the incredible illustrator, huny c. young in NYC...hell...even LIMMEY...('s_Show) used to post there all the time... that's what connection is all about...over the years, I got to know some of these folks from chatting online at Newstoday.... got to appreciate their designs and art, and appreciate them as people. One thing i tried to get right from the very begining, was to always maintain a clean and decent online profile. It occured to me (as it must to many of you) that this lives forever. what you post is frequently what you're thought to be ...period. So...over the many years, i've tried to keep it clean, positive, and as much as possible, about the work..about design. I've not always been perfect at that, but as close as I can be.

    Newstoday eventually became QBN, and for the most part, many of the old gang nolonger post there. it's not really the same. there's flame wars about political leanings, folks who support trump vs. those who dont...blah blah.... I still go there from time to time for a laugh, or to see if any of the old gang is around, but usually they aren't.

    which brings us to Designer News. I'm positive that a LOT of the old Newstoday folks are here (hey's me Exador) For the most part, I've loved what I've seen on DN... it's great to see all the posts about design...folks helping each other, folks talking about great new apps for design...I love it.

    so it really sucks to see what I'm seeing here today...

    I'm hoping folks keep it clean....keep it about design....keep it about being helpful to each other....and lets try and be supportive of each other.

    lashing out, shaming folks with a site like that tumbler site....I don't know...that just seems to me to be really truly damaging. it damages peoples reputations, it damages the trust we have in DN (why post here if it's just going to end up on that site etc)

    but more than that.... I hate the idea that folks aren't comfortable here. If someone was that upset by what they were reading here, somethings really wrong.

    Lets try and fix it together...instead of pulling it down around our ears and dancing around the fire.

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