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  • Jake Lazaroff, over 7 years ago

    Well, if I check the comment thread, that's exactly what happened.

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    • Michael AfonsoMichael Afonso, over 7 years ago

      My thought process doesn't generalize, " I think even middle class straight white males brings different perspectives to a team. At least that’s my experience. " into "In my opinion, teams of just straight white men are enough." and that's where we differ. =/

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      • Christian BundyChristian Bundy, over 7 years ago

        The word for "not generalizing" would be "discrimination". If someone said "yower-class homosexual women bring different perspectives to the team" you wouldn't extrapolate to an entire team, and it's silly to try to publicly shame someone for the words we put in their mouth because we discriminate against them.

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