Ask DN: What's your favorite notebook and why?

over 7 years ago from Brendan McDonald, Freelance Product Designer

  • Alec LomasAlec Lomas, over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )

    I have a 1816 Field Notes cover, which I carry with me most places. It holds two Field Notes, so I usually have one for work and one for personal stuff. I use them for reference, notes, quick sketches, etc. They're super easy to get in and out of the cover too so if I need to just slip one into my pocket I can do that.

    At home, I have a LEUCHTTURM1917 dot grid notebook for more fully-fleshed out sketches and mockups. The paper on this is a little thin (but it doesn't bleed), so I'll probably be trying something new when it's full.

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