Ask DN: Name suggestions for design studio?

over 7 years ago from Ansh Deb, emotional designer

  • Johannes IppenJohannes Ippen, over 7 years ago

    Hey Ed, I think Ansh just answered your question in the comment above. Personally I think the suggestions here have the same issue as every 99designs competition, they are pretty generic, some even mean or sarcastic.

    A name should be something personal and evocative, not just a random comment on the internet.

    Why do I think it's a horrible name? Simply because it's extremely bound to a medium and a time period. In the late 90s, every second new media agency used Pixel something in their name. So by the very short briefing that Ansh posted, the name is exactly he wanted to avoid.

    However, it depends on the context of course – if you like the name and it describes what you're after (and also: the 90s are coming back!), the name might be perfect for you.

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