Ask DN: Name suggestions for design studio?

over 7 years ago from Ansh Deb, emotional designer

  • Jrtorrents Dorman , over 7 years ago

    Even better, why don't you come up with a few options so we help you decide?

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    • Ansh DebAnsh Deb, over 7 years ago

      Will do in some time and create another thread. Thanks for the idea.

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      • Dav ▩Dav ▩, over 7 years ago

        Without any sarcasm, nor rude harshness: I am actually really interested in learning what you so far came up with, concerning your design studio name(s).

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        • Ansh DebAnsh Deb, over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )



          Aesthetic studio (not sure about the word studio)

          Catalyze (with a 'z')

          Anmy (Combining two initials of my name and my partner's (Jeremy))

          These were a few rough ideas that we came up with. But, I feel none of them had that punch we are looking for. We got some great ideas so probably going to brainstorm a lot more on it now :D

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          • Dav ▩Dav ▩, over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )


            There are currently already dozens of (bio/tech) companies out there (says Google) named ‘Catalyze’.

            ‘Humanly’ also sounds a lot like ‘manly humans’, like ‘Tim Toolman Taylor in Home Improvement’–manly, which probably is not what you intended. ;)

            ‘Onestop’ for me subjectively would be better fitting for a mechanic (or again handyman/craftsman). A one stop shop for design? Blurry lines.

            And ‘Aesthetic Studio’ is kinda boring and expected. (And when I read ‘Aesthetic Studio’ the first thing that comes to mind is ‘Aesthetic Apparatus’.)

            Playing with your own names would be a safe bet, but may be worth considering. (So is Ansh your first name, or Deb? Because Deb and Jeremy would be DJ which would probably add a few more options to your quest to seek the bestest name. ;) Surprisingly enough ‘’ would be available as a matching domain name for ‘Studio DJ’.)

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            • Ansh DebAnsh Deb, over 7 years ago

              Thanks for the research and guidance. And yeah my first name is Ansh, so even AJ might make sense. But, I am trying to take my sweet time to find the perfect name because its going to last with us for long.

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