Ask DN: Name suggestions for design studio?

over 7 years ago from Ansh Deb, emotional designer

  • Dav ▩Dav ▩, over 7 years ago

    Seriously, not to sound too harsh, but: As a creative person (& emotional designer) and consulting thinker, shouldn't you be able to come up with a name yourself, for yourself? (Isn't that also part of what you would offer to potential clients? Like, say, helping them with their naming/name?) ‘Outsourcing’ your own name to fellow DN'ers may not be the best start for your to be founded new design studio?

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    • Ansh DebAnsh Deb, over 7 years ago

      Yes, you are absolutely right. We did come up with a few names, but not sure about any of them :P Its like a regular thing that I think, could I have done better than that. So, I came to you guys for help.

      Thanks for the guidance though :)

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      • Dav ▩Dav ▩, over 7 years ago

        That is part of the ‘game’ (as a creative), I guess. Always questioning your decisions, reconsidering done designs. It is normal. (And it will never change. And that is a good thing.) Stay critical, but stay sane. ;)

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