Ask DN: Where do you buy your fonts, and why?

over 7 years ago from Cristian Moisei,

  • Erol AhmedErol Ahmed, over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )

    My favorite places for buying (I've skipped free sources) type are —





    Font Bureau

    Commercial Type

    All these sites offer work from multiple foundries and sometimes their own. Commercial Type and Font Bureau represent the more exclusive and storied typefaces from many famous contemporaries in the field of type design today. While the others have such variety from the big guys and the little ones, that you'll find a great font. Sites like MyFonts are really good at comparing classic typefaces like Helvetica, Futura, or Garamond to help narrow down the cut that works for you.

    Individual Foundries


    Okay Type

    House Industries


    Darden, Okay, House, and Sudtipos are great places to find display and specility typefaces that are very extensive and well crafted. Don't miss the cursive scripts from each of them. The ligatures and extended features are very exciting.


    Their Mrs. Eaves font has held up through fad and fashion very well.

    Storm Type

    This Czech foundry is a little under the radar, but their recuts of Baskerville and Walbaum are exquisite. They've done a fantastic job modernizing classic types like those and others. They also have a few in-house fonts they've designed based on Czech morphologies that I'm dying to use on a future project.

    The Foundry

    Foundry's serif fonts are some of the best, and would be very well suited in editorial or print work.


    After the messy split with Hoefler, Tobias launched his own foundry and offers one font currently. You'll also find some of his pre-Hoefler work on Font Bureau.


    Based out of Copenhagen, these guys have fun and quirky type great for branding. I've used them on a few projects.

    Grilli Type

    Nouvelle Noire

    These Swiss foundries have very clean and sophisticated fonts with flair and whimsy built at a very subtle (or not so subtle) level. I haven't used any of their work yet, but I can see the potential.

    Milieu Groteseque

    I think these guys are underrated compared to Klim. I've found their type to be very well suited to pratical (even UI) as well as branding use.

    Hoefler & Co.

    The fonts here are expertly crafted and you can almost never go wrong using them. Their attention to detail and the craft of creating type is very evident. They're a powerhouse for good fonts, as they cover every major category well.


    The typefaces here are great. They're boutique but very popular, like your favorite Indie brand.

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    • Jack Jennings, over 7 years ago

      Font Bureau and Commercial type are actually Foundries, and I wouldn't necessarily classify them with the others that you list under "collective". In the case of FB, a number of big names have passed through their employee roster over the years. Commercial type has a pretty regular roster of designers and collaborators, even if it's larger than some of the 1 or 2 person outfits that you've also listed.

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