AMA: InVision Design Leads On What’s Coming Next

over 7 years ago from Stephen Olmstead, Design Partnerships @ InVision App

  • JC .JC ., over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )

    There are a bunch of microinteractions that changed when Invision released it's last big version. Y'alI went really minimal with the UI and I personally find the changes a hinderance to this day.

    For example, when I upload a bunch of designs at once, the invision UI has the designs appear pretty immediately on the webpage as if they are all uploaded. But when I click into the design, the webpage loads a white page and I have to refresh the screen a few times before I see anything. My internet is not blazing fast depending where my physical location is. While in older versions of Invision, when I upload designs, there will be a visual state that indicates that things are still uploading.

    Another example is that the 'upload/create' plus button is a lot smaller and harder to subconsciously click nowadays since it's small and has a smaller hit range.

    My question is how did y'all come up with such design decisions? How did y'all rationalize the marginalization of affordances for "sleek UI"?

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    • Billy Kiely, over 7 years ago

      Hey Jay, I’d love to have you chat with Charles Pearson , (one of our excellent researchers here)- super important that we capture this feedback and look for growth opportunities. I'll have him reach out.

      Regarding the uploading specifically, I believe you may have stumbled upon a bug there - it’s meant to let you instantly work with your local images (both as a thumbnail and in the editor) if they are taking some time to upload. I’ll contact support about this, thanks!

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    • Charles PearsonCharles Pearson, over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )

      Hi Jay. I'm following up on Billy's note -- if you want to chat you can email me at charlespearson .at. It'd be great to connect! [And this goes for anybody else who might read this. If you want to chat all things InVision or really, interaction design, reach out!] Thx.

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