AMA: InVision Design Leads On What’s Coming Next

over 7 years ago from Stephen Olmstead, Design Partnerships @ InVision App

  • tom giannattasiotom giannattasio, over 7 years ago

    Hi Miroslav,

    With Macaw, we learned a lot about code-automation. That knowledge will certainly work its way into InVision’s products. With regards to Inspect (InVision’s upcoming code extraction tool), our efforts are currently aimed at helping developers extract code manually, which gives them exactly what they need when they need it. However, that’s just the first step. We see a lot of opportunities to help with the design to dev hand-off and we're exploring things like styles guides and automation. How far we take that really depends on user needs.

    So really… What are your needs? What do you hope to see?! ;)

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