• Todd Padwick, over 7 years ago

    it took me 6 months to find my first design role after uni and even that was an unpaid internship for a further 3 months. To get this role i painstakingly hand bound 40 or so portfolio books, handed them out to various agencies around London, and out of that 40 only one responded - and that was the job I landed. It was a difficult, and depressing time of my life, but it taught me invaluable lessons and makes me appreciate where I am today. 6 years of industry experience at 3 different agencies later I now am successfully starting my own business. Its really hard being a junior designer but put the work in, and don't give up on yourself and you will make it through. Imagine how many other junior designers are applying for the same places you are, and put yourself in their shoes... ask yourself, what will make you stand out more than any one of the others.

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