• Michael Ragland, over 7 years ago

    Over the past four months of looking for an entry level position in UX, I have not once seen an announcement for a junior position. However some classmates of mine managed to find occasional freelance gigs or contract positions through recruiters.

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    • Account deleted over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )

      More and more, many jobs don't really need to be posted very publicly. A lot of time, they can get what they need simply through networking. Recco's from current employees, people a hiring manager worked with in the past, etc. A lot of time, this is WAY more valuable, because there is already someone vouching for the prospect.

      During this process (and maybe even after they have already found the person they want), they will place the job posting on their website - and ONLY there. This way they avoid any equal opportunity issues here in the states. If someone does stumble upon the job though on the site, the employer must earnestly look them over by law.

      TLDR: Most positions never hit the public "wire" and talent is sourced through networking. Network more if you are junior. Go to AIGA events, Creative Mornings, etc.

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