Let’s make Twitter a better place by ridding it of trolls(medium.com)

over 7 years ago from Eduardo Nunes, undersight.co

  • Thomas Michael SemmlerThomas Michael Semmler, over 7 years ago

    As many people already pointed out... you are trying to objectively solve a subjective problem. People need to decide for themselves, who to block and who not to block. I would probably block people who devote their existence to jesus in their twitter profile. Not because I don't respect their religious beliefs, but because as a gay man I need to save myself from people who could potentially harm me. But because block them, doesn't mean that another person needs to block them. And, it also doesn't mean that I don't tolerate their beliefs.

    You are proposing the exact opposite of what we need. We don't need even more blocks. We need RESPECT each others values, so that we see that all of as are flawed humans and we all can hurt each other but can also decide not to. We can live alongside each other with other views and values. Don't subscribe to someone elses value! What you are proposing, does exactly that.

    I am a feminist but I also see that there are people not understanding this subject on all sides. I am gay but I am also spiritual. I am from Austria, but I am not xenophobic and I see myself as a European, not an Austrian. I am a Vegetarian but I will not try to tell not to eat meat. I am a designer but I don't listen to the same music as everyone else does. I am gay but I am not overly obsessed with looks.

    I am not subscribing to your values but I respect yours. It would be great, if you had the same respect for my values, but my respect is not conditioned on yours and will not change if you see things differently.

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