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    i want to add some that they put in their latest email update: http://pausefest.todayhttp://apex.visionhttps://thegrid.ai/sfcandybar/http://thegrid.ai/visualeyesmedia/http://thegrid.ai/imagejournal/

    and they aren't that great either.

    and this was the update: As far as our learnings go, we figured this would be a good opportunity to share the issues that have been bubbling to the top, and what we're doing to improve them.

    USER INTERFACE You Said: The user interface (particularly on the web) isn't as intuitive as it could be. We Hear You: We're right there with you. When testing our own product, we'll always have blind spots. Because of course we know how it works. But the beauty of beta is that you (Founding Members!) quickly pointed out specific interactions that weren’t passing the “hi I didn’t design this” test. So we’ve shifted our focus - from building the foundational design systems that make up The Grid’s AI, to improving the toolset you use to unleash it. We’ll be rolling out significant improvements over the next few months in our web and mobile apps. Such as:

    Building a better guide for the content + site creation process to make sure you’re set up for success from the start. Improving the way that sites are structured + how you choose which content goes where (in your home feed, on a separate page, or in a global menu). Little improvements to the way that the AI communicates with you. You’ll see better indication of when your site is being redesigned, what’s happening in the background, etc.

    SITE DESIGN + OUTPUT You Said: The Grid is optimized for social/editorial-style feed. But that doesn’t work so well if I want to port over my existing business site. We Hear You: You’re right. Our baby isn't quite ready for business (sites). The Grid AI is true AI; it learns and grows. But we have to teach it. Ours is still a baby right now, and it’s still taking baby AI steps. Our VP of Engineering, Henri Bergius, recently explained a bit behind this concept at the Lift 2016 Conference - for more, check out the video below:

    Our current goal is to make the feed style site experience beautiful and seamless, and then expand into more varied sites in the future. Your insight on what looks good and bad, and what flows well or poorly, has been immensely helpful. In fact we’re also working on a few new ways for you to vote on what you love/hate - because we want to hear it all! Ultimately this is the fun part for us (and we hope for you) - helping to teach the AI to create more beautiful sites every day.

    PHOTO CROPPING + FILTERING You Said: Umm… I don’t like how my photos are displayed. Could you tone down the photo filters and the cropping and whatnot. We Hear You: Note taken! We’re working on toning down the photo filters and cropping, while improving the overall site design + layouts. We’ve enabled turning off crop + filter on the post level, and are working on a solution for the feedback we’ve heard from you around wanting to do this at a per-site level. More to come here.

    So that’s what’s at the top of our current hit list! While we work out these kinks, we’re going to stay at the rate of adding 200 Founding Members per day, and will ramp up activations as soon as we’re seeing consistently good results from the tools + sites.

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