Show DN: Digital Portfolio of Evan Kosowski

almost 8 years ago from evan kosowski, Senior Visual Designer at Huge

  • Becca Li, almost 8 years ago

    I also agree. I think all the stuff in the beginning can be condensed or placed at the base of the page. The primary goal is to showcase your work.

    If your goal is to continue being a visual designer, then I think your portfolio nailed it. The visuals are high quality and captivating to look through. If you're looking to show your thought process or problem-solving skills, I'm finding it needs more writing. Additionally, case studies are typically used to show the journey to the solution and not just the visual results.

    I also think the interactions are slightly distracting. It starts to feel like you're trying out a lot of different codes because they're super cool. I think usage of interactions and motion are really important when complimenting your design so I would focus primarily on how motion/interactions help assist the viewer of your portfolio through your portfolio.

    Anyhow, you're clearly a great designer, it shows in the work. Tying it together is always hard so keep at it. Best of luck!!!

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