Show DN: Digital Portfolio of Evan Kosowski

almost 8 years ago from evan kosowski, Senior Visual Designer at Huge

  • Antonio AutieroAntonio Autiero, almost 8 years ago

    Oh.. the van Schneider-ism of portfolio designs these days..

    seriously, I like the work, even though I see some superflous stuff that could've been left out of the window (unnecessary loading with menu, scroll-jacking.. is that a video in the homepage? On mobile it gives me the Play button but nothing happens) it's a good portfolio but..

    it's just that I'm getting soo tired of seeing the same patterns and style all over the place.. kudos for the very good work, but I personally wish I'd see some more diversification

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    • Thomas Michael SemmlerThomas Michael Semmler, almost 8 years ago

      Agreeing. Though what I personally don't like, is not the design itself, but the voicing and branding that seems to be almost ident to most designers nowadays. "I create beautiful experiences. I am obsessed with pixels. I love coffee. Hey... Lets talk"


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