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almost 8 years ago from evan kosowski, Senior Visual Designer at Huge

  • Tom WoodTom Wood, almost 8 years ago

    For me you need to assess: a) your audience and b) what you want to get across.

    • Currently the most important thing on your website is a rather arty (but interesting) photo of yourself. To me this says "I care about my appearance more than I care about the work I've been involved with". Whilst that may not be true, you need to think about first impressions, as to a prospective employer my feeling is that you put yourself before the work.

    • Language used. Unique digital experiences is great, but "beautiful brand aesthetics" doesn't mean anything. It also suggests you prioritise making something look beautiful over clear thinking and reasoning. The language used throughout feels a tad stuffy: "Clientele" instead of "Clients" or "Electronic Mailing" instead of "email". Consider how this language makes you appear, and what it says about your design style/approach (does it say "intelligent" or does it say "I overcomplicate things unnecessarily"). Overall I feel this needs the most attention throughout.

    • Portfolio. This is the number 1 thing any employer or fellow designer is looking for when they visit your site. I had to scroll to the bottom of the page, and I'll be honest, as soon as I got to the contact details I had assumed (incorrectly) that I had reached the end of the site. Consider placing this first.

    • Clicking on the logo takes you to your persona page. This is a super cool looking page, but the expected behaviour was to return me to the "home" page. If you're going to change this, there had better be an excellent reason for it. Also, taking me offsite with no way of getting back to your portfolio without using the "back" button on my browser isn't a great experience.

    • Finally; scrolljacking. You've had some harsh feedback here, but the reality is this; it's a very cool effect, but what does it add to your site or my experience? Very little.

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    • A Paul, almost 8 years ago

      I agree about the focus on his appearance. I know he wants everyone to think he looks cool, but he just comes across as a fuckboy.

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    • Becca Li, almost 8 years ago

      I also agree. I think all the stuff in the beginning can be condensed or placed at the base of the page. The primary goal is to showcase your work.

      If your goal is to continue being a visual designer, then I think your portfolio nailed it. The visuals are high quality and captivating to look through. If you're looking to show your thought process or problem-solving skills, I'm finding it needs more writing. Additionally, case studies are typically used to show the journey to the solution and not just the visual results.

      I also think the interactions are slightly distracting. It starts to feel like you're trying out a lot of different codes because they're super cool. I think usage of interactions and motion are really important when complimenting your design so I would focus primarily on how motion/interactions help assist the viewer of your portfolio through your portfolio.

      Anyhow, you're clearly a great designer, it shows in the work. Tying it together is always hard so keep at it. Best of luck!!!

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    • evan kosowski, almost 8 years ago

      Thanks for taking so much time on the comment! I really enjoy the feedback and take it to heart. Good to read real criticism / commentary.

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