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almost 8 years ago from Alec Lomas, Frontend Developer

  • Gareth ClubbGareth Clubb, almost 8 years ago

    I've been getting increasingly worried about the job market recently. If you search for any front-end development role you end up in a deep crevasse of application developers whose job it is to solely write JavaScript applications.

    There is this clear divide now of 'traditional' front-end developer, as mentioned in Brad's post, versus the front-end programmer and both roles sit under the same job title causing real confusion within the industry.

    I am the developer that Brad talks about, I have been solely writing HTML, CSS and JavaScript for my entire career but I need to work alongside design to achieve the best results. I would never call myself a front-end designer as I can't use Photoshop or Sketch but sit me, or anyone like me, in a cross discipline team with a designer and back-end developer and you will end up with one hell of a product.

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    • Lewis Jacobs, almost 8 years ago

      And that team structure is how things should ideally be. Masters working with masters to efficiently and effectively solve a problem.

      I know some HTML and CSS and have an understanding of Javascript but it's not my strong suit. It's time consuming and takes away from actually doing what I'm good at doing.

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