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  • Thomas Michael SemmlerThomas Michael Semmler, over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )

    Really? I mean, really? You'd leave a job at [industry leader] because someone higher up didn't listen to you?

    With that always comes a sense of desired accomplishment for working at [industry leader]. A lot of people inside our industry see their ultimate goal reached when they work at [industry leader]. Maybe, because we tend to idolize a lot of our industry.

    Because if so, good on you. Not all of us have that luxury.

    For me, it's not "luxury" to leave a job. It is my commitment to the values I live by, that makes leaving a job that wastes my energy and time mandatory. Yes, in order to maintain our lives, we need money, but a person who is determined enough to not endure a destructive circumstance in their life that makes them unhappy, is very likely to find a way to sustain themselves and also make them happy. They might have several attempts while trying to find the right one or even finding out what truly motivates them, but once you make decisions based on your values and not on external values, you might realize, that money or even stability are not things that can make you happy.

    I personally criticize our industry, especially designers and productivity-porn stars a lot and often people tell me, that I do that because I envy their status, their success or their popularity. When they do that, they apply their value system on my situation and the same might be happening in your sentence. The person that left their job over the whole situation might have totally different values in their life. You might base all of your life upon all aspects of that job. Your social and financial situation, maybe you see your career ladder leading to a job like that. But this person might see it very differently. I have very different values in my life and in my work as well, which is the reason why I do things differently and I have left my last job because I was unsatisfied, even though it sustained me.

    And btw, without trying to attack you, but understanding that people do not all operate on the same values is also part of empathy.

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