Uber's Atomic Meltdown(elischiff.com)

almost 8 years ago from Carlos M, student

  • P GBP GB, almost 8 years ago

    Really? I mean, really? You'd leave a job at [industry leader] because someone higher up didn't listen to you?

    As someone who's had that job at [industry leader] you're talking about (not uber, but a giant US tech company), I left because I didn't like the politics, micromanagement and some elements of the culture.

    When you have the job at [industry leader], you don't sit around thinking 'cool, I work for [industry leader]!' everyday, you asses the work and your enjoyment of it in the same way you would do any job, and if it isn't stacking up you leave, like you would do any job.

    If you're consistently over-awed about the fact you work at such a company and let that cloud your subjectivity when assessing the quality of the work, your enjoyment of the role or the future effect on your career, you're probably doing it wrong.

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