Figma: Introducing Vector Networks(

almost 8 years ago from Athyuttam Reddy, Brown University

  • Toby ShorinToby Shorin, almost 8 years ago

    Wow, this is very cool. Looking at the example GIFs, I suddenly feel that this is the way we should have been interacting with paths all along. Can you say "killer feature"?! ... but Figma has so many killer features that it's nearly becoming the holy grail of design tools.

    I'll be really interested to test it out when I finally make it into the beta, but until then I have a tangential question about hotkeys. Well-thought out hotkeys are obviously a really important part of designing an efficient design tool, but since Figma is web-based, there will naturally be conflicts between browser shortcuts and Figma ones. What are you doing at Figma to mitigate this problem?

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