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  • Santiago BaigorriaSantiago Baigorria, almost 8 years ago

    Michael, you have obviously put a lot of thought into this... I respect that, but I still do not agree.

    The size of your following and the amount of attention you get, does not directly relate to the quality or quantity of work you do.

    What you are saying is partially true, but the opposite of what you're saying usually has a lot of truth too.

    Leaving aside exceptions to the rules (which always exist), usually popularity comes after you're made some sort of impact.

    Not everybody becomes popular just by wanting, if not, everybody would be popular, and what would be the point then?

    The fact, that I meditate every day and write 3 A4 Pages every morning is of no relevance to you.

    This is something I always tell myself: People you don't know, don't care.

    Accepting this is crucial. Since I have no relation with you, I don't really care about what you consider a personal success. I won't criticize it though, because I respect you the same way I respect others.

    What's odd about Dribbble haters, is that they usually don't respect other Dribbble players that do like Dribbble.

    I usually check haters out to see who this guys are. Personally, I find it very interesting they are usually guys with little or no work online, an abandoned Dribbble profile, and in your case a website that shows your server has been setup but no site is up.

    This is not criticism. I'm not attacking you. But it's strange. It makes one doubt. Why would anyone hate so much a platform they used to be part of? A platform to which they tried to belong? What happened in the middle?

    Criticizing is very easy. And (un?)fortunately the internet has allowed everybody to give opinions. Many times lightheaded and poorly though opinions; other times, thought through and properly debated.

    Of course there are things to criticize about Dribbble. But I'd say, don't hate the game, hate the player. If you think about it, you can find something wrong with everything... I bet you show me your work and I will be able to tear it down in seconds. But that't not cool.

    Because I don't have a lot of dribbble followers or twitter followers, it means that I am not successful, which of course has to make me jealous of the people I criticize, which invalidates my opinion, right?

    Nobody really thinks that way... But I still find it interesting that you don't usually see well-known popular designers hating Dribbble.

    IMHO, I usually see guys who tried and could't make it. And to justify this, they hate the game.

    This doesn't directly (or indirectly) mean your work is poor or anything like it. So don't take this the wrong way... As I said before, I don't know you, and I've never seen your work. I'm just assuming. And it's wrong, I know.

    Still, I can't understand hate towards a game who helped hundreds of thousands on their careers. A game that helps me (and probably many others) occasionally when I need visual inspiration.

    This is exactly, where I see the problem. You link all these things together, whereas you have no idea of weather they actually are linked. It is very important, that people start to learn and realise this.

    Regarding this intro sentence... Try not to be so determinant. Where you see a problem, I don't. And it's not that I don't understand you... I just don't share your point of view.

    Well, nice debate. I'm willing to go on though! I love to put thoughts into words, specially on my second language. So feel free to respond and ping me if I missed anything you consider relevant.

    Best, S.-

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