Ask DN: iPad Pro as my main computer, any apps you recommend?

almost 8 years ago from Thomas Didrel, Senior UI / UX Designer at Schibsted

  • Thomas DidrelThomas Didrel, almost 8 years ago

    High fidelity mocks are just that, mocks. I work with a visual designer who takes those mocks and creates the actual designs from them. I am not suggesting anyone else should do it, this is an experiment, and I must admit that I am in a very specific position to do so. But I also expect to run into obstacles that will push me back to my laptop in the future.

    Working on an iPad certainly has its constrains, but it works for me. I have never been a fan of having too many windows open on screen at the same time; on my computers I tend to put apps in full screen and use virtual desktops (Spaces) to separate each activity. So I rarely have more than a couple of windows open on screen anyway. But I completely see how other people would feel clostrophobic on iOS.

    And you are right, iOS is a constrained platform, multitasking is only in its infancy and many of the things that one takes for granted on a desktop can be hard or flat out impossible.

    The thing is, I didn't try to translate my desktop habits over to iOS, like I didn't ask Sketch to be Fireworks or my bike to be the metro.

    I am often browsing DN to discover and learn about the tools that other designers are using but there is little talk about iPad apps (probably for good reason) hence the very interesting discussions that we are having right here. :)

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