Ask DN: Are you a dropout?

over 7 years ago from Eduardo Higareda, Lead Designer Designer at Icalia Labs

  • Lex Vargas, over 7 years ago

    Self-taught. Had no background at all. Hell, I dont even know how to draw.

    I was supposed to be the QA guy of our team until I have been given the task of designing a page in our app. Felt good while I was at it so I decided to pursue it.

    Relied on books, articles, design talks, anything I can get a hold off. When I was not reading, I was on Illustrator or Photoshop or Sketch figuring things out. Everyday has been a learning process.

    To see where I was two years ago to where I have gone today just goes to show that hardwork and dedication does pay off. Its a nice feeling.

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