Ask DN: Are you a dropout?

over 7 years ago from Eduardo Higareda, Lead Designer Designer at Icalia Labs

  • Darrell MooreDarrell Moore, over 7 years ago

    Started designing at a really young age – like some others said, forum signatures and gaming websites. I believe I was around 12 years old then (currently 25). Anyways:

    I was pretty lazy in school, I dropped out twice. It wasn't that I couldn't do the tasks, I was just focused on other things. I ended up totally being done with school my 9th grade year. Sometime before all of that I ended up pulling a good bit of freelance work from friends-of-friends. It was never intentional to begin freelancing, I just fell into it. Afterall, I already knew what I'd wanted to do as a career. It all began as a hobby, simply fun to do. Others just wanted to pay me for it.

    Regret nothing of course, but at times I wish I'd finished High School and went to College. Not so much for the outcome of getting a degree and such (it was a bonus), there just isn't ever a time to stop learning from others.

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