AMA: Vlad and Sergie Magdalin, co-founders of Webflow

almost 8 years ago from Vlad Magdalin, Co-founder / CEO @ Webflow

  • Vlad Magdalin, almost 8 years ago

    Thanks for the great questions, Rafael!

    But unless you start to dig in, you can’t see what’s better.

    Yeah, we need to do a better job of making it more clear that we’re way more than your run-of-the-mill template-based website builder. Webflow is more like an empowering technology that helps turn non-developers into frontend developers (in a smaller way now, but eventually more holistically) and that’s harder to explain then “hey, you can build websites with it!” :\

    How secure and solid is the hosting system of Webflow?

    Very solid, and I would wager that it’s significantly more secure than your typical cheap shared hosting provider because it’s fully managed by the Webflow team. We utilize state-of-the-art services like Amazon AWS and Fastly to make sure that sites are served quickly across the globe, and we’ve had many (many!) websites hit major traffic spikes via Reddit, TechCrunch, Hacker News, etc without as much as a hiccup.

    Why is there not a 24/7 phone customer services available?

    This is something we’re considering, but it’s really expensive to provide this level of service at our stage of the company unfortunately :\ We hope to be able to offer phone support at some point.

    How strong is the company? Are they funded by large ventures?

    Webflow was funded by YCombinator and several prominent investors in 2013, and we have since built a sustainable and nearly profitable business with most of the invested funds still being in the bank (effectively as insurance for a rainy day).

    The majority of startups end up blowing through their invested funds in the hopes that they can raise more and more with every year, but a lot of times that leads to unsustainable spending that forces a shutdown or sale of the company. We’re building Webflow to be around decades from now, because we’ve only built maybe 5% of what we ultimately envision creating for the web :)

    Is Webflow going to be around next year?

    Yes, we’re not going anywhere!

    I secretly wish Adobe or a large company would offer you guys lots of money and conquer new markets!

    Based on historical precedent, this is dangerous territory and might not have the effect you want. Almost every single company that has been acquired (especially by Adobe) ends up discontinuing or severely neglecting their product. For us, we want to stay independent so that we push our vision forward without a set of suits in a board room deciding our fate every quarter based on short-term metrics :\

    Great potential, but I am a little worried to use it as not knowing where the future will be.

    This is a totally valid concern, and as we keep improving Webflow and as the community keeps growing, this will become much less of a worry.

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    • Rafael M, almost 8 years ago (edited almost 8 years ago )

      Thank you for taking time to respond! I should have used another example than Adobe! I'm a 3D user of Modo from Luxology who sold to The Foundry, that would be a better example! You should have someone who help your communication from outside maybe, because sometimes it's hard to distance yourself from "the obvious"! Reading that you have helped websites like Reddit, TechCrunch, etc is really valuable.

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