AMA: Vlad and Sergie Magdalin, co-founders of Webflow

almost 8 years ago from Vlad Magdalin, Co-founder / CEO @ Webflow

  • Vlad Magdalin, almost 8 years ago

    Have have you been managing the growth of the company (both the user base and the amount of staff)?

    We've had steady growth over the last 2 years, so we had the luxury of scaling our team and processes at a deliberate (read: not hair-on-fire) pace. We are a team of 20 now, and that has grown almost linearly as we’ve had more people become customers. A big part of that is our focus on creating a long-term sustainable company, so we only bring on new team members as the business grows - that has made it easier to adjust the way we work incrementally and organically.

    Are you willing to share any stories or advice about any major hurdles you have had to overcome with managing a growing company?

    Ha, I can probably write an entire book on this (more the stories, probably not so much good advice yet), so a comment here probably won’t suffice. We’re incredibly lucky that we were able to build a product that really resonated with a lot of folks, and when you have have a passionate community of users you build up a strong sense of accountability to them. That in turn helps you hire really bright and passionate people, so the challenge becomes more along the lines of maintaining a great culture with both of those elements. We’re still a relatively puny company, so we have a lot more to experience and learn before we can give advice to others :)

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