AMA: Vlad and Sergie Magdalin, co-founders of Webflow

almost 8 years ago from Vlad Magdalin, Co-founder / CEO @ Webflow

  • Tom WoodTom Wood, almost 8 years ago

    Great of you to both do an AMA - I use Webflow on a daily basis, and it's really allowed for some beautiful exploration. The fact that you regularly update it is also a dream; new features and a killer forum (thanks for being very present Sergie!) help make this an incredible product.

    So a great big personal thanks from me.

    But what I want to know.. what do your offices look like? Can you share a photo?

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    • Sergie MagdalinSergie Magdalin, almost 8 years ago

      Nooice! It's awesome to see our users being so active in the community. :) As for our office... actually it's kind of a mess right now since we're moving into a bigger space. Ask again in a couple months when we're settled.

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    • Vlad Magdalin, almost 8 years ago

      Hey Thomas, thanks for the kind words! There's a tiny peek at part of our office in this intro video on Skillshare - we're hoping to have more of our new office up on our website sometime soon.

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