Thanks DN: Am I a real UI designer? (1 year update)

over 7 years ago from Marcus H, Design by Marcus

  • Adam Hayman, over 7 years ago

    Hey Marcus! Just wanted to echo everyone else here and say that the improvement in your work is awesome. You've definitely grown a lot over the years. I think we all also appreciate your modest demeanor. We designers can be a little full of ourselves sometimes ;) In regards to your pricing, I agree with everyone else! You gotta hit AT LEAST $50/hr in January. Make that your goal. Don't feel bad about charging what you're worth.

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    • Marcus H, over 7 years ago

      Thanks Adam, it's not quite years yet, another 6 months-ish and it'll be 2 years.

      I think the modesty and humble demeanour is down to the fact that I'm just glad to be doing this. I had no marketable skills 18 months ago and basically started from nothing, now I'm doing something I love and can see a bright future. I pretty much wasted the previous decade and got nowhere so learning design created a future for me, taking this path was the best decision I've ever made.

      I think this is settled now and instead of going to $40/hour in January I'll go straight to $50/hour and maybe look to increase it regularly if I get no push-backs.

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