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over 7 years ago from Tommy Säl, Designer & Illustrator at

  • Jeroen de JongeJeroen de Jonge, over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )

    Hi Tommy, looking good. Some feedback: 1. The hover status on buttons is a little too subtle 2. Make your e-mailadres on the contact overlay a link to the e-mail client. 3. Make the links (images) to your Dribble profile open on a new tab, as well as your Twitter and Dribble profile link and other external links.

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    • Tommy SälTommy Säl, over 7 years ago

      Super duper helpful Jeroen, thanks!

      1. Adding this to the list.
      2. Genius you!
      3. Yes oh yes, of course!

      Finally, here – take some good, good vibes I'm mentally sending you dude.

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