Dropbox has abandoned Mailbox(twitter.com)

8 years ago from David Barker

  • Pedro PintoPedro Pinto, 8 years ago

    Sad news. Which is the best alternative to Mailbox?

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    • Mattan IngramMattan Ingram, 8 years ago

      If you use Gmail I would say Inbox. Has most of the same features although no desktop app. Personally I hate desktop email apps so that's not a problem for me.

      Inbox has transformed email for me. I used to painfully sort and filter everything in Gmail and Inbox has shown me how unnecessary that is. Now I actually reach Inbox Zero on a regular basis and it's marvelous.

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      • Brian A.Brian A., 8 years ago

        FYI for anyone considering Inbox: it's not yet compatible with business accounts (or at least it was this way last I checked).

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      • Tristam GochTristam Goch, 8 years ago

        Also FYI to anyone using Inbox: we've seen two invoices go missed recently thanks to its bundling/auto-filtering feature :/

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        • Nathaniel PeralesNathaniel Perales, 8 years ago (edited 8 years ago )

          What I've done to combat this issue is turn off bundling in the inbox. I already have filters for promotions and social to get archived immediately, so normally things that come in the inbox are only things that I need. And then about once every other day I go into All Mail and see if there's anything that I might have missed.

          But generally I love Google Inbox, I use it with Mailplane on the Mac. The only problem is on iOS it doesn't show me a notification number on the icon for how many messages are in the inbox. Only the number of unread messages. Which, for me, I use my email as a general to do list, so if there's no number there I won't look at my email. Because of this, I use "Spark" on my iPhone and then Google Inbox on my Mac. It seems to be working well so far. I'm patiently waiting for Spark on the Mac.

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      • Nicolas ElizagaNicolas Elizaga, 8 years ago

        I've been enjoying Inbox + Mixmax together: https://mixmax.com/

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        • anibal ramos, 8 years ago

          alt text This x1000. Old sparrow user here. Took the plunge and went to inbox thanks to mixmax features. Love it.

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    • Daniel GoldenDaniel Golden, 8 years ago


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    • Brandon Foo, 8 years ago

      I'm working on a new product called Polymail that has the beautiful UI of Mailbox + the best email productivity tools like Email Tracking, Send Later, Undo Send, and Contact Profiles!

      We're in private Alpha right now but if anyone here is interested DM me your email on Twitter and I'll be happy to add you to our next release :)

      Here's a little preview:

      Image alt

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    • Veer Abheek Singh Manhas, 8 years ago

      CloudMagic will be deployed near the end of this year. Gotta try that too!

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    • Jacob TaylorJacob Taylor, 8 years ago

      Googles Inbox is basically a Google clone of Mailbox. I quite like it. But if you don't use Gmail, I dunno.

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