Figma: A web based collaborative interface design tool hits preview(

almost 8 years ago from Callil Capuozzo, design @ microsoft

  • Michael CookMichael Cook, almost 8 years ago

    Really excited about this, especially the constraint system. I've been using Antetype because of how amazing it is to design with flexible objects but the software is moving so slowly and outdated in so many ways.

    I'm teach design stuff part time at a small highschool. They running on chromebooks so there hasn't been any good way to explore vector design stuff, but this could be what I've been waiting for. Very much looking forward to trying it out.

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    • Dylan FieldDylan Field, almost 8 years ago

      That's awesome, Michael — just added you to the Preview Release. If you want more invites for your students, ping us over Intercom; we would love to help!

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