Sketch is Leaving the Mac App Store(

almost 8 years ago from David Barker

  • Luís SilvaLuís Silva, almost 8 years ago

    Good for them. IMO the Mac App Store takes away a lot and gives in return almost nothing.

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    • Hubert RabagoHubert Rabago, almost 8 years ago

      As a developer, I'm aware of what I get out of Apple's App Stores. While I don't have apps on the Mac App Store yet, I have been on the iOS App Store for a while now.

      In exchange for Apple's 30% cut, Apple hosts my binary, manages downloads, manages charging the customer all around the world, and notifies my users of updates.

      For each of these items, there's a negative side (Apple charges customers ~ I don't have customer profiles/contact info), and there are lots of other negatives that are not related to the above (long review times). However, I'm at least aware of what I get.

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      • Joe Blau, almost 8 years ago

        iOS apps run at a simnifically smaller pricing structure than Mac Apps. The fee should be a flat rate not a percentage. It's not harder to manage 30% of a $1.99 iOS app than it is to manage 30% of $99.99 of a Mac app.

        I have apps in the app store, and I agree that apple gives you a lot of value, but Apple applied their music pricing (where everything is basically $1 for a song or $10 for an album) to all software and it really doesn't make sense.

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