Site Design: Epicurrence 2016(

8 years ago from Patrick Wong, Design Manager @ Lyft

  • Jordan RomanoffJordan Romanoff, 8 years ago

    The site is looking really cool. Its definitely different, and seems to have more of the feel of contemporary poster design to me which is a welcome change of speed for web. I've been trying to get a bit more ambitious with my web work and this serves as great inspiration!

    I have mixed feelings about the functionality/hierarchy as some of the other viewers have expressed. This might just be a personal thing, but with all of the small parallax items and the less than intuitive site structure I felt a little motion sickness while trying to figure out what the site was about (Ok, maybe I need to chill on the coffee...).

    As a last note/question: whats the consensus on using a hamburger menu on desktop? It feels a bit clumsy to me when you have all of that nice space to use. That might be compounded a bit by its placement in the upper lefthand corner rather than the right which is the format I'm used to.

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