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    Gordon Ramsey has a fleet of highly successful restaurants and 21 Michelin Stars, despite chef being his second career.

    Monterio has one popular talk (F-you pay me) and a studio that hasn't produced any work of note (in their own opinion) in the past 9 months and the last work listed on their site is some low level bird charity that I highly doubt netted the studio more than £50K.

    Ramsey's methods are justified by his results. If this talk were given by someone of comparable talent and success maybe it would be worth listening to, unfortunately it's being given by someone who's speaking talents surpass his managerial, business and design talents by a very wide margin.

    What should be the take home from this is take advice from people who have actually proven to be worth listening to, not someone who is just putting on a clown-like performance to live up to his angry hard ass conference persona.

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      This ^

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    • Eli SchiffEli Schiff, 8 years ago (edited 8 years ago )

      Many have argued that Monteiro is not the design equivalent of the food world's Gordon Ramsay and that therefore he has no place to lecture. I don't condone that sort of ad hominem attack. Monteiro could be Gordon Ramsay or he could be a no name (he's not), but you should judge the validity of his arguments based on their substance.

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