Rdio is shutting down, Pandora acquiring parts(theverge.com)

8 years ago from Jonathan Suh, Designer at Planning Center

  • Brandon Nunn, 8 years ago

    As with most, I'm quite sad. Rdio has been my favorite for a long time. Great app that's easy to use (though it had a rough time for a while there where it was pretty buggy, but everyone goes through that it seems).

    Pandora could stand to gain if they also take the music licensing deals with this sale. If they don't get the licensing deals, then this will just lead to another on-demand music clone with Pandora's pitiful music library. They can use Rdio's tech all they want, but if they still only have the same million or so songs in their catalog, it's not worth it.

    Spotify has the music library to match, and even best Rdio, but the app and interface are terrible. On the Android app, for example, you can't reorder your play queue. Also each song and album has an "overflow" style menu button on it, but the press target is so small that if you don't use a stylus, there is about an 80% chance you won't hit the menu button and instead select the track itself, which starts playing immediately and REPLACES the play queue that you can't reorder. Terrible, terrible interface. And it's been this way for years.

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