• Adrian HowardAdrian Howard, 8 years ago

    As part of our demographic questions, we would like to know the gender of the participant.

    Another thing to do is ask yourself why you want to know.

    What changes will it make to your product or service? Is it important?

    I often find that, when folk ask themselves those two questions the answers are "none" and "no" — and it's simpler, faster, and easier to just not ask.

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    • Andy StoneAndy Stone, 8 years ago

      Hi Adrian,

      This is definitely a question that we asked to the client early on. But it turns out that they've been using the demographic data (age, ethnicity, gender) in constructive ways.

      During the first year of the application going national, it was a 80% male users. Through directed marketing efforts and changing of specific messaging around the site, they've come closer to an even playing field with 58% male users. The non-profit that we're building this for promotes bike advocacy and living healthier lives, so the efforts are for a good cause.

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