• Mitchel CabuloyMitchel Cabuloy, over 7 years ago

    May I just ask: What is the goal of this post? What outcome did you have in mind when you posted this? What positive impact would this have for the community?

    I understand that you're frustrated with Sketch. I'm not trying to understate the fact that it's buggy. Rather, I'm questioning the motives of this post.

    As it stands, the whole thread is just a mess of people arguing over Sketch's bugginess, with little to no constructive output.

    I'd like to think that the motive is to bring attention to Sketch's buggy reputation, and maybe, in some way, help improve the situation.

    Sadly, because of the way your post is worded (a rhetorical honest question?), it doesn't seem to be the case. A better post would have been "What can we do about Sketch's bugs?" Maybe list down issues you personally faced (and workarounds). Something that isn't so... aggressive in tone.

    I guess I just wanted to remind everyone to always, always, be aware of what your human does.

    P.S.: Here's all of Bohemian Coding. Remember that all of them are real people.

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