• Adrien Maston, over 7 years ago

    I hope 2011 is not that old ;)

    That said, what you mention is what emerges from comments and reviews, I could summarize as :

    years later there is still a lot of bugs remaining from day one. Some of the unresolved bugs (old and new) are blocking ones, making some features really unusable or messing the whole file.

    Is it an inherited and undeserved sticky reputation ? Like Firefox is a memory hog.

    This doesn't seem to happen with Affinity and Adobe (in my own experience, it has very rarely).

    On Adobe : far from perfect but with "ginormous decades old pieces of legacy code barely held together by cheap glue" (illustrator dates back to the mid 80's and they were not always a hundred-of-engineers company), Adobe seems to be able to deliver relatively stable software. They keep installing crap scattered all over your hard drive but the software does work.

    For some practical reasons I've found myself working last week with the latest versions of Photoshop and Illustrator on my good old 2007 iMac, and it runs OK. It's certainly not the fastest/confortable setup, it doesn't support the fancy GPU accelerated thingies, but it's perfectly usable with relatively large files (psds with hundred of vector/smart/bitmap layers with effects) and got me through a few days of work. Not too shabby.

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