• Filip RadelicFilip Radelic, over 7 years ago

    I don't know what people who claim it's working for them do, but I don't use Sketch very often (I'm a developer, mostly working with other people's files) and I'm still frustrated by how bad it is every single time I have to open it. The only thing I really like about Sketch is its export feature, but that is irrelevant when it can't even render some shapes properly. And I don't mean crazy complex shapes, I once spent half an hour trying to export a rounded plus symbol and gave up because apparently bool operations on two bezier curves are too hard for a $99 vector drawing app. Also, I've been asking for ability to export PNG files with no alpha channel for years and the answer was always soon (when there was an answer at all). How can I take this app seriously?

    Yeah sure Photoshop and other Adobe apps have bugs, but they are ginormous decades old pieces of legacy code barely held together by cheap glue and they perform much better than you'd expect them, while Bohemian sells us the promise of a nice lightweight native app, but has failed to deliver one that is usable for years.

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