R.I.P. Sunrise(blog.sunrise.am)

8 years ago from William Bout, Designer & Developer

  • Shawn BorskyShawn Borsky, 8 years ago

    I get that people generally are disappointed when a startup they invested their support in gets acquired and moves away from the product but in this case, I don't get it. Outlook on Mobile is actually an amazing experience. I moved from Sunrise and Mailbox to Outlook awhile back and I am happier for it. I remember thinking earlier today when the app updated : "Wow, they just keep making this app better and better" I actually didn't realize it was the same team (because I loved Sunrise back in the day too) but it makes sense to hear it now and I am glad that it is them and not just "Hey a Microsoft team didn't screw this one up". When small teams create start-ups, this is often the kind of end they are aiming for. I honestly feel like people need to stop being so defeated before trying the new Outlook app.

    Its the internet, change happens fast and I think as customers this actually worked out pretty well for us this time around.

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