R.I.P. Sunrise(blog.sunrise.am)

8 years ago from William Bout, Designer & Developer

  • Matt Dean, 8 years ago

    Could anyone tell me the advantages of Sunrise? I tried it but it's too similiar to Google Calendar.

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    • Mehmet FidanboyluMehmet Fidanboylu, 8 years ago

      Combines calendars from multiple services, Exchange, 365, Google, even Facebook. Was also very clean and intuitive.

      It's all very well them coming out and saying that Outlook for mobile will absorb all of Sunrise's best functionality, but what about desktop users? Microsoft's desktop and web offerings for email and calendars are horrific.

      Looks like Fantastical is the best, but imperfect alternative for now. I personally have high hopes for Spark from Readdle on iPhone (have been using it for a while and am a beta tester) - and they're working on Mac and iPad apps too.

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    • louie solomonlouie solomon, 8 years ago

      It's biggest advantage was it's integration with tons of other platforms (facebook, trello, dropbox, basecamp, github, etc...).

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    • Account deleted 8 years ago

      Super easy to use—fun even—with some nice integrations as Louie noted. Just felt painless when it comes to scheduling. Desktop and mobile apps are a pleasure to use. Fun little icons depending on the event.

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