We Fucked Up

over 7 years ago from Andrew Wilkinson, Publisher of Designer News

  • Megan VoMegan Vo, over 7 years ago

    Most of these comments reveal men speaking on behalf of women's bodies and feelings. It's becoming Reddit - a place where I feel the need to hide my identity and gender to feel safe.

    I personally don't care about the shirt, but that's not the point. I don't really feel welcomed here in the community.

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    • Elena SchererElena Scherer, over 7 years ago

      Was going to comment and say the same. I count only 3 (now 4 with my comment) women commenting in this thread. This had nothing to do with men, and yet they felt the need to comment. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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    • Ricardo NunesRicardo Nunes, over 7 years ago

      I do believe that is the biggest issue with SJW. They start a fuss defending what they call "minorities", without even listening or letting them speak for themselves. They preach you are being ignored, when they are the first ones to not even give you a chance to speak out.

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    • Hannah SHannah S, over 7 years ago

      Long-time reader, first-time commenter - just to lend another woman's voice to the conversation. Thank you DN for doing the right thing. We are, in fact, here, and happy to be recognized.

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    • Emily Campbell, over 7 years ago

      Yes, thank you for representing the women of Designer News! We may not be vocal, but we are here :D

      @Megan, @Elena, @Hannah: You go, ladies!

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    • Ix TechauIx Techau, over 7 years ago

      As a woman I think it's dangerous to use gender as the excuse for not feeling welcome. I feel welcome here, so maybe the problem is your attitude towards DN? What is it that makes you feel unwelcome...the fact that you can't buy a fitted (objectifying) t-shirt for $40 that you probably would never wear anyway?

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      • Megan VoMegan Vo, over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )

        I don't speak for all women. I'm speaking for myself.

        As I stated previously, it's not the "fitted t-shirt" that is the issue here. I don't even wear that style of shirt (not that it matters).

        It's the comments that are speaking on behalf of women that belittles the issue of sexism that doesn't make me feel welcome. As with many social constructs, it's the little things that build up that start to become engrained in our minds. Things don't become systemically entrenched in our society for no reason.

        Nipping inadvertently sexist situations in the bud only helps in the long run.

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    • Tori ZTori Z, over 7 years ago

      As a women, I second this.

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