We Fucked Up

over 7 years ago from Andrew Wilkinson, Publisher of Designer News

  • Mike Wilson, over 7 years ago

    I agree completely. Everybody deserves the same respect and decency. So how "decent human being" is it to hate-shame the people running a website you enjoy visiting over some t-shirt sizes? I think the lynch mob response from people echoes the emotionally charged nature of this issue rather than logic.

    Something more useful to discuss than t shirts, for example, why does design in tech differ so much from design as a whole in terms of gender equality? Women are a 54% majority in the overall design industry: http://www.aiga.org/what-the-us-census-says-about-the-design-workforce/

    The lack of t-shirt sizes (or in the last angry post, the lack of diversity in a movie trailer) are simply surface symptoms of underlying demographic numbers. These aren't diabolical, evil acts that need public hate-shaming.

    Treating the symptoms might feel good (ie. going on PC crusades), but you actually cure a sickness by attacking the underlying cause. A crowd of self-righteous white guys shaming innocent people on the internet is a "feel-good" distraction that does nothing to address the underlying issues.

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