• Dylan Sowell, 8 years ago

    Parenting isn't a profession. And there certainly is not an 'equal representation'.

    I mean if we can't cite examples of perfect egalitarian hiring practices in the past then it's a bit silly to expect we could have a less racist civilisation in the future right?

    Why do you jump to racism as the reason that a particular society isn't distributed across a particular industry? I'll go back to the basketball example, blacks are 13% of the population, yet are 70% of basketball layers. Is there racism going on here?

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    • KeVon TicerKeVon Ticer, 8 years ago

      Probably. I'm sure non-black basketball players face adversity getting into and succeeding in the field because they don't fit the common perceptions of what a basketball player looks like. They probably have fewer opportunities for mentorship early in their career, have to constantly deal with overcoming stereotypes and being recognized for their individual talents, and probably struggle to assimilate into a culture they might not have grown up being a part of. This all probably adds up to some deserving non-black players not making it professionally for unfair reasons. And it's valid to address that too.

      Also, generally, the line of logic that "other things are unfair, so it's fine that this thing is unfair too" doesn't help anyone. No one is jumping to racism. Structural racism in hiring practices is widely studied and reported upon. And it's a very easy Google search to learn more.

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