• Jacques Dupoux, 8 years ago

    I think it’s a fair question to ask. I haven’t seen the documentary but I’m curious to see the range of people being represented. I know as a young designer it’s always rewarding, and inspiring to see people like you in places that were once considered unachievable. It also acts as a strong signal that, yes, there is a space for you in this community.

    Osandi’s question is tough question to ask in a space that is dominated by whites. Especially when your part of the people being under represented in the field, and risk being ostracized from the community that you believe you are a part of. Those fears are very real, and do happen. Some of the comments in this forum show why that question isn’t asked so often.

    We have to remember the tech / design space accounts for a very low percentage of blacks + latinx’s. Claiming ‘conspiracy’ (which no one has claimed) is an easy way to disregard that there are real policies and actions at play that help keep this number low. Among them the practice of ‘wanting to work with someone you can hangout with’ as a hiring principle; lack of inside connections, inability to afford to take unpaid internships to help propel a career; these are real concerns that help contribute to our low numbers.

    What’s more trouble is saying it doesn’t exist, especially when it clearly does. The numbers show it.

    Asking for an awareness and representation shouldn’t be ridiculed. As designers we talk about the power empathy has in our process. We should try using empathy outside our design process as well.

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