Ask DN: Evernote replacement?

8 years ago from Adil Majid, Product Designer

  • Matt Fondevilla, 8 years ago (edited 8 years ago )

    nvALT syncs with Dropbox and is free.

    I've used it for years and hasn't been a problem with syncing between my devices (Android phones, Macbook Pro).

    The tradeoff is the elegance of Evernote's many robust features in favour for simple text files. I love how it streamlines the writing experience into a vertical line. It's as simple as it gets next to Notepad.

    Initially, I used it as a dump for anything but found a way to take down notes and organize it to my accord. The Verge does a good job explaining how they use it for idea-jotting when you're on the go.

    You can read more about it the original NV.

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