Ask DN: Evernote replacement?

8 years ago from Adil Majid, Product Designer

  • Simone Simone , 8 years ago

    Th standard on OS X and iOS has always served me well. The latest version has better support for images and links, if you need support for mixed media (i personally keep my notes pretty simple). Frankly i've always found Evernote to be a features-bloated application — which is probably the reason why the company is not doing so well these days. In general, i always look for the path of least friction when adopting software: if its free and already installed on all your devices, why look any further?

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    • Sri KadimisettySri Kadimisetty, 8 years ago (edited 8 years ago )

      Notes, right now is a great alternative.

      • It is free
      • Ad-free
      • Good sync
      • Ubiquitous on the Apple Platform
      • Uses iCloud storage which is very very cheap atm
      • Web accessible via
      • Sharing from apps to Note with standard share button
      • Spotlight on OS X and iOS show results from Notes too
      • Siri can take dictations to Notes
      • Notes does checklists!
      • Notes can be structured or unstructured for e.g. titles are totally optional
      • Markdown style Lists
      • Links/Bookmarks can be dragged in from browser and shows up as a little box with a picture and title. Good representation.
      • iOS lets you put sketches into the notes. Fun to draw.
      • Photos can go right in. Also has a photo browser.
      • All those can be put in the same note
      • Keyboard Shortcuts for formatting as well.
      • Allow Grouping via Folders

      All in all, it deserves another try.

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