• Tobias van Schneider, 8 years ago

    Hi Nico! Nice to meet you!

    1. Mostly character first. No one wants to work with an arrogant asshole, even if he/she is crazy talented. After character fit, I look for someone who can think for herself, someone who can own projects and has a strong opinion on their work.

    In general, character is the most important trait I look for. I believe that everything else can be taught, but character is something you can't really correct anymore at a certain age. (maybe you can, but it will take years)

    1. When I learned most of the basic hard skills there was no Youtube. I'm not old, but that only shows how young this industry really is.

    This is how I learned most of the things in my early years:

    a. Looking for a client b. Client asks for a website, but I never made a website c. I don't tell the client, I just promise that I can do a website d. Oh shit, now I have to do a website e. Googling and searching on forums to find out how to do everything Done: I made a website. (you can question if it was good)

    Then repeat the whole process and get better along the way.

    Of course now everything is much easier, you can find tutorials of everything on YouTube, I wish I had that when I got started, but then again, I learn something new everyday. But the basic hard skills I learned by just forcing myself to finish something.


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    • Nico MizonoNico Mizono, 8 years ago

      Awesome Tobias thanks! You're a huge source of inspiration for all of us :) Keep kicking ass man!

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