• Darren MotenDarren Moten, over 7 years ago


    I know you are a bit of a hobbiest when it comes to photography and a lot of that photography makes it into your own work, but for projects like Aquatilis Expedition how did you come to source that photography?

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    • Tobias van Schneider, over 7 years ago

      Hi Darren

      Nice to meet you! Ha yes, I am! I love taking pictures on the side and implementing them into my work. For Aquatilis, of course the photography wasn't made by me. I wouldn't even be able to dive that deep first of all.

      All of the pictures are done by Alexander Semenov, I worked very closely with him and he was actually the partner/client on this project. So it went hand it hand, one of the best projects I worked on in a while. Lots of fun.

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