• Tobias van Schneider, over 7 years ago

    Hi Shane!

    I love beard questions, glad they are being asked.

    1. You are right, I usually do not use shampoo. If you rinse your beard or hair with water at least once or twice a day, your hair should never feel too greasy anyway. My experience also applies for someone who lives in a city with a "sitting in front of a computer" job.

    I do sometimes use shampoo (something organic like you said) but this might happen every 6 weeks or even less. Only if I feel like I need it. Otherwise, I wash my hair once or twice a day with clear water. That keeps them clean & smooth.

    1. No designers should not learn to code. Honestly, it's just about the word "should". You can, and you will be probably better off than if you don't. I respect those who do it, but there is no reason that you should code.

    Having a software engineering background, I do recommend every designer to at least get familiar with how things are built. Basic front-end & backend knowledge is a big plus as a designer. It makes you a better designer because you understand how engineers work, how you can scope projects and you might be even able to hack something together real quick.

    But if we say that designers should code, we should also say that they should know about business, financials, marketing, advertising, customer support, growth strategies, etc.

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